AUSTIN, Texas—Most Thursday nights, you can find 12-year-old Lianna Tidwell at Micah 6 of Austin giving back to the homeless and others living in poverty.

Lianna's mom signed her up three years ago through the family volunteering group, Little Helping Hands.

"I was kind of worried because I thought, I've never done this before, how am I supposed to do this?  But as soon as I got there they told me exactly what to do and it was very kid friendly,” said Lianna.

At Micah 6, Lianna bags groceries for food pantry patrons.  Newcomers often wonder why she's there.  

"They're really surprised that we're so young and we're here even though maybe we could be home watching TV, doing whatever we wanted,” said Lianna.

What Lianna wants to do is help.

"It makes me feel really happy to see all their faces when they get to take all that food home,” she said.

Because of her work at Micah 6 and elsewhere, Lianna's been awarded not one, but three Presidental Service Awards.  She's glad her parents and Little Helping Hands stepped in when they did. 

"You get used to it.  You get all those years and then you're like, wait.  I've been doing this so long, I'm so used to it, I might as well just do it even longer.  And then you do it for the rest of your life,” said Lianna.

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