Adam Brick is co-chef at Apis Restaurant and Apiary in Spicewood. His interest in the culinary arts sprouted years ago when he we was a student at Austin Montessori School. Now, Adam is sharing his success with a new generation.

"I was just driving by one day last year and saw all the flowers from the highway and was like, 'Why am I not working with them?' So, that's how it started," he said.  

What started was collaboration: Brick now buys as much produce as possible from the students at Austin Montessori.

"They invoice us just like a regular business would. They cash their checks just like a regular business and they use all that money to buy more seeds. So, it's just kind of a continual cycle," he explained.

Aside from one other instance in California, Brick said the partnership he and Apis have with the Southwest Austin school is unlike any other in the country. 

"I think it's important for them because they get to see how real business is done. If they forget to send me an email about what's available, then I don't buy anything," said Brick.

Brick said he thinks that tough love mentality pays off in the long run. 

"That's kind of what Montessori school is all about. It's kind of letting the kids grow up faster than you normally would in public school education, and let them kind of dictate their own path," he said.

According to Adam, he's merely providing students with an avenue to do just that.

Once a year, Adam also lets the students host a dinner at Apis.  They create a menu, then prepare and serve the food.

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