Carefully packing up cookies in the Mobile Loaves and Fishes kitchen is how Lucas Main-Munoz and his parents give back.

“Volunteering is something that I like doing,” Lucas said.

This volunteer work will help feed homeless members of our community.

“We can't last without food and people need food to live,” he said.

After the cookies are packed Lucas brings them to the food truck and loads the bags onto the truck with the help of his mom, Melissa Main-Munoz.

“Now more than ever he thinks about others outside of volunteering, so I've noticed a difference in his character I've noticed a difference in his positivity, and his caring for others,” she said.

They found this project through Little Helping Hands, a non-profit that connects families with kid-friendly volunteer work.

“Children want to help so much and it's important to find appropriate activity for them and for the community that really makes a difference,” Main-Munoz said.

They’re one family making a difference one cookie at a time.

“I like helping people who don't have food,” Lucas said. “It takes a lot of my energy and courage.”