Not all volunteer work is kid friendly, but there are things families can do together.

For Caysen Nothnagel, painting the tools for Keep Austin Beautiful is a no-brainer.

"Because you're helping people in need,” Caysen said.

Keep Austin Beautiful loans the tools out to groups for projects. Caysen chose this activity because it's creative.  

"My grandpa has a shed, and I got to paint the shed and I thought it was fun,” Caysen said.

And it’s fun for Caysen’s mom, Vanessa Nothnagel, too.

"I love this because there are very few places that give you an opportunity to do stuff with the younger kids,” she said.

Not all volunteer work is safe for kids, but the Nothnagel family finds events through Little Helping Hands, a nonprofit that connects families with kid friendly volunteer work.

"It's fun to do stuff with him, and it's a bonus to feel good as well and know that you're helping someone else who will be happy and appreciative for the little things,” Vanessa Nothnagel said.

Nothing says happy like a polka dot tool and a smile on a kid's face.

"I love volunteering because it helps the community,” Caysen said. “If it helps the community, it helps the world and it makes the world a better place."