It's less than a month away from the presidential election, and even the Austin City Limits Music Festival is getting in on the action. Stef Manisero caught up with festival goers who decided to take time away from the music and talk politics.

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AUSTIN, Texas -- This year, ACL Fest falls in what's already proven to be a historical election season and a couple of organizations at the festival are trying to pull in the younger demographic of voters that the Zilker Park event brings out.

"It is a big deal, it is, especially with this race," said ACL Fest attendee Jaclyn Ozuna.

"I'm excited to vote, every vote counts," said Taylor Bowman, another ACL Fest attendee.

Voting in your very first presidential election is, no doubt, exciting, perhaps even more so in an election season that has been as heated as this one.

"This time around I definitely feel more in an advocacy position, more like I want to go vote, I want other people to go vote," said festival attendee Mallory Eastland.

The organizations, Rock the Vote and HeadCount, camped out at ACL Fest encouraging those who haven't already done so, to register.

On weekend one of ACL Fest, 304 festival goers signed up. On weekend two about 200 more joined in.

"I just want to pick the right person and I want our country to be good and stay good," Ozuna said.

Recruiters say, while they remain non-partisan, the conversations occurring at the registration table are hard to ignore.

"I would say we get more negative than positive comments about either [candidate]," said Damian Zamora with HeadCount. "We get a lot of people say they're going to go vote for a third party."

And while many express their frustrations with both candidates, voters at ACL Fest say all the more reason to cast a ballot.

"It's where we find ourselves right now, so you just to make the best of it and make the right choice," said festival attendee Joseph Wortman.

It's a choice that translates to a voice.

"I'll actually feel like an American, you know, I'm putting my word in, I just want to get the best president, I'm just going to feel pretty empowered," Ozuna said.

If you aren't already registered to vote, the deadline in Texas is Tuesday.

If you're not sure if you're registered to vote -- maybe you moved recently, or just turned of age -- you can click here to double check.