An Oswego County legislator and Pulaski school counselor charged with child endangerment appeared in court.

Shawn Doyle and John James Maroney were in Schroeppel Town Court Wednesday.           

Both men are accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old boy.

Investigators say Maroney introduced the teen to Doyle.

The teen told police he left home without his parents knowing and went to Doyle's home three different times. He also said that he was given both a tablet and a phone by Doyle, who reached out to him daily and told him to delete their messages.

An order of protection was issued against Doyle to not have contact with the teen, which will expire in May.           

Meanwhile, an order of protection is already in place against Maroney, which is set to expire on January 26. Both men are scheduled back in court on January 24.