They are pesky insects that are raising concerns in the region. Bed bugs have been spotted in multiple schools, but how big of a problem are they?

Spectrum News spoke with the owner of Bugs Bee Gone, Glenn Stewart, to break down some misconceptions.

Bed bugs are known as hitchhikers because they can easily relocate themselves. Stewart says it's no surprise that after one school reported sightings, others followed. 

Bed bugs do not just live in beds, but in cracks and crevices. They've probably been around for a while in the school, but people are just now keeping an eye out for them and spotting them in their adult form.

One major misconception is that bed bugs live in dirty places. That's not true. Stewart says they actually prefer clean spaces. 

"When I go into an environment and I see a lot of dust and dirt, bed bugs shy away from that," said Stewart.

If you spot the insects, contact pest control or other companies to take care of the problem so it does not spread.