HERKIMER, N.Y. -- It was a packed room at a public hearing about Herkimer County's proposed jail on Wednesday.

The county is considering taking property on Route 28 at the former P&C site in Herkimer through eminent domain. It's a move many said they oppose along with that particular location.

"Where they're putting the jail, they're just taking property away. You're standing here in a center of a village that at once had all properties that were taxable that are not taxable. It's a loss," said Herkimer resident and business owner Ronald Hess.

The lawyer representing the property's owner said his client doesn't want to sell the site to the county -- which is why leaders may be resorting to eminent domain.

"He has long roots here in this town. He's been here since he was a young man, and he just doesn't feel like that this property should be taken by the county for eminent domain," said Michael Longstreet, the lawyer representing the property owner.

"The legislature has decided to go forward with the jail at the P&C site. How it plays out remains to be seen," said Vincent Bono, a Herkimer County legislator.

County leaders have previously said the site is ideal. Bono hopes to come to an agreement that's "admirable for both sides."

"We're headed towards the eminent domain process where the county would offer a price for the property, the owner would offer a price for the property, and we hopefully would come to some type of an agreement," Bono said.

Moving forward, many hope leaders will listen to their concerns and look at other locations, like property near Herkimer College. Bono said the legislature's choice should be made clear in the coming weeks.