TULLY, N.Y. -- The shock of Thursday's storm is starting to wear off, and now cleanup efforts are underway in places like Tully.

More than a dozen homes around Tully Lake saw trees uprooted, roads blocked, and houses damaged.

Neighbors got out there late Thursday night trying to clear away some of the debris, but still this morning, there were signs of the storm everywhere you looked.

One tree could be seen lying across the back of a house, another completely uprooted.

Neighbors say it's a sad sight to see, even for those who walked away unscathed.

"Thankful, but on the same token we were more concerned about the neighbors.  Nobody got hurt.  Houses are replaceable, lives weren't, you know," said Tulyl resident Debbie Taber.

According to the National Weather Service, the peak wind gusts last night in Tully were 63 miles per hour.

National Grid has been working on getting all those people back online since the storm.