TURIN, N.Y. -- Nova Disotell is a bus driver for South Lewis Central Schools and interacts with her kids daily, making sure they get to and from school safely -- which is why she's passionate about ending a problem on her route.

Drivers are passing right by her stopped bus and its flashing lights.

"Personally, myself in just this past month, I've been passed four times," she said.

She's not the only one. Transportation officials say this can happen about two or three times a week across the board.

Disotell says those drivers aren't always caught, because she's focused on the kids getting off her bus.

"If you're lucky, you might be able to tell if it's a man or a woman driving," she said. "I've had older students try to catch information like a license plate number or the make or model of the car. Our younger students are in complete disbelief."

To help with this issue, the school is trying to purchase stop sign cameras to catch drivers as they pass.

"A stop-arm camera provides an extra eye to collect details and information that we don't have the opportunity to collect that would help us better collaborate with local law enforcement and provide them the information they need," said Disotell.

Safety can come at a hefty price, though.

"Cameras are costing upwards of about $900 a piece," said Mike Hanno, the school district's transportation supervisor. "We would have about 24 that we would put cameras on."

The school is trying to get state funding to help cover that cost and potentially get the cameras by next year.

Bus drivers want to remind motorists to start slowing down when a school bus' yellow lights start flashing just before the bus stops.