WATERTOWN, N.Y. -- The sights and sounds of Ireland are right in Watertown. The North Country Goes Green Irish Festival is a weekend filled with activity.

"We come every year," said Watertown resident Catherine Webb. "We've been coming for many, many years. I love the Celtic pipes."

With drinks, vendors, entertainers, and a room just for the kids, this event is for all ages.

"The music, just the camaraderie of all the folks, the staggering volunteer effort that goes on every year. It's just remarkable," said Watertown resident John Hoefler.

There's one thing everyone can enjoy: the food, which ranges from classic festival treats to traditional Irish dishes.

"I like the different types of food they have, like the traditional corned beef and then their Irish pizza, which is really good," said 11-year-old Emmett Jakubowski, who was also this year's co-grand marshal for the parade.

The party even moved outside Sunday for the annual parade.

"It's nice to just see things that you don't always see," Carthage resident Kaitlyn Hallenbeck. "You get to hear bagpipers and see step dancers."

Visitors say one of the best parts of the festival is the amount of people it brings to one place.

"It's a big thing where the community comes together and you can see people you haven't seen in a while. It's nice," said Carthage resident Haylee Addington.

With families making this event a tradition, it's safe to say many people will continue going green in the North Country year after year.

Proceeds from the festival will go toward various community efforts, like the Watertown Urban Mission, the Children's Home of Jefferson County and local college scholarships.