ITHACA, N.Y. -- Aspiring programmers and engineers showed off what they were made of at this year's Cornell BOOM.The annual event at Cornell University gives students the chance to show off their skills creating new technology.

Teams designed and built everything from video games to robots.

There was even a plane that could fly itself and a machine for brewing beer.

The teams were excited for everyone to see the results of their hard work.

And they got a lot of valuable exposure, with representatives from sponsors like Google checking out the competition.

"We are really passionate about sponsoring events like Cornel BOOM because it acknowedges that students that are working on these projects and are innovating and are really kind of pushing forward different and unique technologies and in the tech industry, are the future of the industry," said Mike Bufano, Google Universities Programs specialist. 

"We designed an airplane that can fly by itself, look at the ground, and recongize targets. We designed the entire thing all by ourselves, the airframe, all the electrical systems, the software and the autopilot system," said Sam Rosenstein, CUAir team member. 

And CUAir actually walked away from the event as this year's people's choice winner.