ROCHESTER, N.Y. — After more than 10 inches of snow fell in parts of Rochester Friday evening to Saturday morning, Amanda Giansante and Mark Palmer, woke to an unplowed driveway. It was a setback that didn't stop them from making the most of it.

"Think we are going to go for a snowshoe here, not much else going on," said Mark palmer, a Rochester resident. "We generally do walking and biking in the summer, we just need something to do in the winter. We've got a lot of winter around here, so we've got to stay active."

Their plans were to go to Cobbs Hill Park, a bit of a walk from their apartment on Vick Park B. But even without a car, the 30-minute walk didn't seem that bad. Thanks to the snowshoes, the trudge through the fresh thick snow, isn't that bad, in fact, some might even say it's enjoyable.