It was another emotional day of testimony in the Erica Bell murder trial Wednesday as the Monroe County Medical Examiner, Dr. Nadia Granger, took to the witness stand.

Bell is charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter in the death of 3-year-old Brook Stagles.

Granger told the court that Brook died of complications from blunt force trauma to the abdomen, and during her testimony, people again saw pictures of Brook — this time after her death.

The photos showed her body covered in bruises to her face, arms, legs, back and abdomen. Granger could not say how old the bruises were or how hard Brook was hit, but does say the blows to her stomach traveled through her body because the injury was toward the back.

Also on the stand today were Erica Bell’s sister and her boyfriend. They testified that they saw Brook looking very ill at their baby shower. They say they called 911 the next day since they were so worried about her. That turned out to be the day before she died.