More than 40,000 pounds of food and essentials are headed to hundreds of local families in need.

The PriceRite supermarket chain partnered with the worldwide organization "Feed the Children" to assist 800 Rochester area families.

Each family, which has been pre-identified by Catholic Family Center, will receive a 25-pound box of food and another box of essentials like shampoo and lotions.

PriceRite employees volunteered their time Tuesday to help move the huge amount of donations.

"We're fortunate, many of us are fortunate that we're able to feed our families. And others aren't as fortunate, so, today means a great deal to us. It's very personal to us. This is our tenth for the year, and we'll continue doing it because it's our responsibility. As a corporate citizen, it's our responsibility to give back to the communities we serve," said John Bartholomew, PriceRite director of operations.

Each year PriceRite selects ten locations within the nine states it has stores to "feed the families."