What was supposed to be a relaxing getaway became a question of Hurricane survival for Jeanmarie Tedesco Uhl of Penfield.

She was rescued after Irma destroyed the Oyster Bay Beach Resort just south of St. Martin Island in the Caribbean.

She says during the storm, her only thought was to literally cling to life.

“There was a point where we all thought that we were going to die. If this storm goes through, we’re not going to make it," said Tedesco Uhl.

St. Martin authorities report 95 percent of the homes on the islands are either damaged or destroyed, and 60 percent are unlivable.

“All the leaves are stripped off of every tree. We were lucky we had a big reef in front of us so that we really didn’t get as much damage as we should have,” said Tedesco Uhl.

People on the island are now looking at the task of rebuilding their lives.