CALEDONIA, N.Y. -- A massive blaze that many fire officials say is the biggest they`ve ever seen destroyed the Commodity Resource Facility in Livingston County in November 2014.

It would take more than 100 firefighters stretching across four counties, one million gallons of water and four hours of hard work to put out the fire. The building was a total loss.

Now, three years later, the building is restored and it`s business as usual.

The Commodity Resource Facility reopened their doors this week, providing feed for a number of dairy farmers across Central and Western New York. Plants throughout the upstate area pitched in for more than 2 ½  years to ensure the needs of local cattle were met.

“It was more important that the project was done correctly versus of meeting a deadline,” said Fred Martsolf, Land O Lakes Purina.

Safety was the main focus when rebuilding from the ground up. New additions include 16 tanks filled with 250 tons of grain and a reduced amount of dust that workers say has potential to be explosive.

Atop it all, a new sprinkler system. In it, a fire protectant to prevent the November nightmare filled with flames and smoke from happening again.