SODUS, N.Y. -- Dozens of middle school students are working like real scientists at the Get Real Science Camp in Sodus to solve real problems in their community. A big problem in Sodus has been the erosion and flooding along the Lake Ontario shorelines.

"Water needs to be taken care of better and people need to start paying attention to what they're doing to the water because it's hurting us too," said Lariah Plotts, student.

The camp is an extension of the Summer STEM program and is led by graduate students who are training to become science teachers.

Students took part in several research activities that included flooding and erosion at Sodus Bay they came up with action plans design options and recommendations.

"We proposed a bulletproof glass barrier because for one, people don't want to see a bunch of rocks in their view. We want to use the glass as an aquarium because if we used it as an aquarium, people will want to come back," said Nate Perkins, student.

The camp provides two levels of learning. It gives students a hands-on approach as to what science is all about and it gives teachers, who are grad students from the U of R, some practical experience.

Camp leaders are hoping the experience taught students to dig deeper ask questions, understand issues in their community and come up with ways to solve environmental problems.