IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. -- About 9,000 square feet of self-sufficient energy is on its way to completion in the Town of Irondequoit, right on Titus Avenue in the I-Square complex. Although it is still under construction, the new eco-friendly space has been named "Imaginarium," and is already green from the ground up.

Two towering wind turbines were installed to help bring in energy directly to the building through a natural resource and into an RG&E meter.

“These will spin a lot like a regular box fan in the sense they will spin at normal speeds. They'll generate a lot of power," said Mike Nolan, I-Square owner.

Upon completion, the Imaginarium will be a place for people to learn about energy-saving techniques and ways to recycle and reuse energy. One of the displays will be growing right out of the wall. 

“All our rain water that lands on the entire building will end up coming down and landing in [a pool.] This pool would irrigate. We have a 24-foot-tall growing wall. We'll grow herbs and vegetables,” said Nolan.

In the coming weeks, over 90 solar panels will be installed on the rooftop of the new building. The multimillion dollar project is expected to be finished by the fall.