Late night sketch show "Saturday Night Live" featured Rochester and the Susan B. Anthony House in a skit Saturday.

Susan B. Anthony Museum and House staff saw the skit and say they were generally pleased. However, they are a bit concerned people might get the wrong idea about Anthony's stance on women's issues. 

The executive director says a last minute statement from Anthony calling abortion "murder" in the skit is inaccurate. She says the suffragette never appeared to express an opinion on the issue.

“You can make fun of her. You can play with the ideas. She totally understood the value of catching the media's eyes," said Deborah Hughes, executive director of the Susan B. Anthony House. "You can tell the story and say what you want to say, but we don't want people to walk away from that skit and say 'that's what Susan B Anthony though out that issue.'”

Here's the tweet the musuem sent to SNL: 

But the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum in Massachusetts says the show is correct in Anthony's stance on the matter.

Carol Crossed, president of the museum, says the Birthplace has an exhibit of Anthony's newspaper, "The Revolution," that deals with the topic.

"Over 100 comments in articles, letters, and particularly editorials by the papers editors unanimously condemned the practice. The Revolution’s policy in its inaugural edition stated their refusal to run ads for abortion," said Crossed.