GATES, N.Y. -- It’s official, Mark Assini is making another run for Congress.

The Gates Town Supervisor is again running as a Republican against longtime incumbent Democrat Louise Slaughter.  Last year Assini came within fewer than a thousand votes of unseating Slaughter, despite less funding and name recognition.

“A lot of people laughed at me the last time I ran, and said there’s no way you can go against a Washington icon and be competitive, especially without money," Assini said. "So the fact that we were able to do it and we nearly were just within a whisper of pulling it off, convinced a lot of people it’s possible.”

Another Congressional race between Assini and Slaughter may seem like a familiar face-off, but Assini says there will be several key differences this time around.

He argues that Congress is even more broken than in the 2014 election and Assini points to recent events.

“America right now is under attack," Assini said. "One of our NATO allies was attacked Friday. And these attacks from radical Islam continue to happen. Despite a lot of talking at the federal level and in Congress, nothing’s being done, it continues to occur. So obviously, no criticism of anybody, but we’ve got to change our strategy. It’s simply not working.”

He also made some promises; to run a positive, issues-based campaign and to limit himself to serving eight years if elected. Slaughter has represented the area in Congress for 30 years.  

Slaughter defended her record in a statement; "With much more work to do on behalf of my constituents, I will never stop fighting to create good paying jobs here at home while standing up to those in Washington who want to rig our economy for the special interests."