ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A local woman has an extra serving of thanks to offer this holiday season.

Anne DiProsa is determined to cook her annual Thanksgiving meal, despite her ongoing treatment for cancer. 

DiProsa represents many grandmothers on Thanksgiving. She spends it in the kitchen making the holiday extra special.

Doctors diagnosed the 74-year-old with stage four lung cancer in 2014. 

Three years later, Anne isn't letting the cancer slow her down. 

She is still undergoing treatment at the University of Rochester Medical Center. 

DiProsa has prepared Thanksgiving dinner every year since her diagnosis cooking for 16 people, something she is thankful to do.

“I remember the first Thanksgiving after I heard the news it was like 'I hope I could do this one more year' and luckily enough it's 2017 and I'm still doing it,"  DiProsa said.

Her story is all about giving thanks, but also shedding light on the month of November, which is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.