After a major recall on 134 Kidde fire extinguisher models, many are wondering how to check if their device is working properly.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the recall includes more than 37 million dating back to 1973.

There have been reports of the extinguisher being clogged, the plastic handle breaking and the nozzle detaching.

The defective extinguishers have caused one fatality, several injuries and property damage.

So, how can one tell if they have a faulty extinguisher?

The Fayetteville Fire Department says consumers should check their extinguishers for any dents or breaks. The pressure gauge should also register in the green.

Fire experts say these checks should be done often.

"Whether it's in a business, a public assembly building or even at your own home, it's not bad practice just to make sure that it's again working--that it looks like it's in good working order, that it's full charged because they can...the pressure can bleed down over time. If you have one, it should be looked at probably every 30 days," said Joseph Shernesky, Fayetteville Fire Department lieutenant.

The department also offers training on how to use a fire extinguisher, which is done by request.

As for the Kidde extinguisher, anyone who has a model that was recalled can contact Kidde for a free replacement.