ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Business travelers will have to face some new restrictions when traveling by air with large electronics.

Officials from the Transpiration Safety Administration were at the Greater Rochester International Airport today to announce a new nationwide security checkpoint procedure. 

Travelers will now be required to place any electronic device larger than a cell phone into a separate bin to be X-rayed.

It comes as officials are continuing to address evolving terror threats.

“The terrorists, they're very determined, they know what they're doing. Unfortunately, they have been very, very successful, and we don't want them to be successful again so this is just another step to stay ahead of them to make sure we're successful at everything that we do,” said Federal Security Director Bart Johnson.

The new restrictions only apply to passengers in the standard security lanes. Those that have the TSA pre-check are able to continue to go through security without having to remove those items.