ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Florian Jaeger, a University of Rochester professor in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department, faces multiple sexual harassment allegations.

A 113 page document describes several grievances in detail. Among them; he allegedly behaved inappropriately with prospective students, including reportedly forcing a female student to live with him. Another claim says he used his influence to sleep with female graduates and that students fear his bullying.

In all, seven current and former professors submitted the document, claiming that Jaeger and University administrators violated laws. The university is also named in the complaint for alleged inaction toward Jaeger. Now other students are signing an online petition and the petition for Jaeger's removal has already received thousands of signatures. 

Lindsay Wrobel, a UR senior says she was mortified over the series of allegations.

“It’s something that, unfortunately, most women will experience in their lifetime and I think that we have to support each other,” Wrobel said.

Wrobel met with UR President Joel Seligman on Monday, but a UR spokesperson says the Seligman has failed to read the EEOC complaint in its entirety and won't comment on it.

However, in an online statement, the university says the core allegations have been investigated and couldn't be substantiated. It said in part, "Through two separate investigations — one by an internal investigator and one conducted by an external investigator — no violation of the law or University policy was found."

Still, a protest is slated for Wednesday, during professor Jaeger’s lecture.

“We’re hoping this protest on Wednesday isn’t going to have to be a protest in the sense that it is now, we’re hoping that it’s going to be a celebration instead," Wrobel said.