IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. -- Thanks to a dedicated and supportive community, a popular bar is back on its feet. The Irish-themed Irondequoit bar, Silk O'Loughlin's, sat vacant all summer, with only ankle deep water from spring flooding flowing inside.

"People have come out of the woodwork to help, community support, local businesses, it's been incredible," said Owner Mike McKeon. "We couldn't do anything for almost two months, and by the time the water started going down, the whole place was gutted. We started building it back up from the back to the front."

But repairs were costly for McKeon, and in response, a community of patrons came together in an effort to restore the bar to its former glory. They also managed to put its dedicated employees back to work.

"It's a great place to be,” said Danielle Teetsel, a bartender. “The owners are great people to work for. They really care about you."

Sunday's reopening was a homecoming of sorts, so popular that with a full parking lot, some patrons resorted to docking along the patio to join in the festivities.

"I grew up across the river. I live on the lake so I know all about the damage,” said Beth Marciano, a regular guest. “I was actually with Mike and Sara celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary when they had to shut down. 50 years I've been coming here, and I'm sure you can find people who have been coming here a lot longer."

With everyone back to enjoy the weather, a football game or two, and plenty of good company, there was one last themed surprise for the host: a bagpiper, to set the mood for the traditionally Irish bar.  

McKeon also says he hopes to keep the bar open on weekdays throughout the winter to make up for being closed all summer.