ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The city of Rochester is cracking down on negligent landlords. 

City officials announced Wednesday morning new legislation that would require property owners to register a local contact number for any issues that happen on their property, a number that would be made public. 

Violators would face penalities. City Council will vote on the amendment August 15th.

The city says it's just one of many new strategies by the city to reduce nuisances and their impact on property values. 

"We have heard too many times, 'I wish I knew what was going on or who to speak to about that property across the street or right next door to me,'" said Jackie Ortiz, Rochester City Council. "Unfortunately the problem has be augmented by the use of LLCs and PO Boxes as the primary listings. And although logistically a simple change, I believe it will be a powerful one."

The city's also added existing violations to its Property Information System online with an interactive map tha tells when and where an offense occured.

That interactive map can be found at this website.