ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- A series of plungers, topped with red and white reflective tape, were set up along Exchange Boulevard to remind people driving through Rochester's Corn Hill neighborhood to stay in their lane and give space to bicyclists.

The plungers created a makeshift barrier, but were quickly damaged and broken. Bicycle riders said that proves the point.

"Look at this, see that behavior?" said Scott Wagner, Corn Hill resident, while pointing at a car. "That was clearly in violation of the bike lane, he was going at least 10 miles per hour, 18 miles per hour over the speed limit. That's the kind of thing that this tends to prevent.

"Having this protected lane here, having those markers there actually slowed people down to the point where they were traveling within five miles per hour over the speed limit."

"What kind of makes me sad is the fact that today we came out and we saw many of these sticks broken in two," said cyclist Bryan Agnello. "This is the result of a car going into a bike lane, this could be someone's bones and this is bad.  I mean, cars abuse the bike lanes a lot and it would help to get more education out there about them and more awareness. 

City leaders say whoever set up the plungers remains a mystery. The plungers were since removed, but city engineer Jim McIntosh says a more permanent solution may become possible.

"It may be a possibility to put our normal white pop-up stakes there, but I think more importantly, along that stretch, what we've been trying to promote is parking," said McIntosh. "On those lanes, south of Plymouth, you can park for free. If people were parking along there, that would kind of eliminate the problem of people trying to pass people in the bike lane and in the parking lane."