ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Ayanna Herrold remains hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury after a one-car crash on the Lake Ontraio State Parkway. The 17-year-old remains in the hospital with most family and friends unable to visit because of her condition.

"Her mom tells me she wasn't doing too good, she was unconscious, it was just an overwhelming feeling,” said Michael Scott, a Rochester recording artist known as Skandolus.

"She just can't hear people that she's familiar with because she gets excited, blood pressure starts rising and they said that's not good for her,” said Skandolus. “She needs as much strength as she can."

"Ayanna's Song" comes from something Scott, a longtime family friend, never hoped to experience.

"I just hope I can see her open her eyes again so I can play the song for her and let her know how I was feeling about her,” he said. “I just hope for the best because you never know what can happen."

Ayanna’s family is asking for prayers and donations. The most up to date information on how you can help is through their AyannaStrong Facebook page.