ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Puerto Rican flags are flying high all this weekend for the 48th Annual Puerto Rican Festival.

Thousands are expected out to Frontier Field and the surrounding areas for live concerts, music and food.

In recent years, police incidents and celebrations have been tied together. Rochester's Police Chief says the stigma of crime surrounding the festival has more to do with the crowds that hang out afterwards, and not the festival itself.

 "Again we're just asking everyone in the city in that community to respect their neighborhood," RPD Chief Michael Cimenilli said. "Not to engage in dangerous hazardous activity. We will be out in full force. Our goal certainly is not to arrest people or take enforcement action but we will be prepared to make arrest, to tow cars and to take action that we need to take to keep this community safe and make sure that this is a happy and safe weekend for everyone."

For those who want to experience some Puerto Rican culture this weekend, there are concerts each day. Tickets are $10.