PAINTED POST, N.Y. -- Steuben County Sheriff James Allard said few crash scenes he's ever seen were as bad as Wednesday's on Interstate 86 in the town of Campbell.

Trooper Craig Foglia was in the midst of a traffic stop and sitting inside his police car when around 4:45 p.m., a pickup truck heading west smashed his cruiser from behind.

Foglia, a 13-year New York State Police veteran and native of Monroe County, is assigned to the Painted Post barracks.

"By and large, the overwhelming response of when they find out who it is, 'oh my gosh, he’s such a fantastic guy,' because he’s just one of those people that, I don’t think you’ll find a negative thing to say about him," said Allard. "I can't tell you the number of prayers that people in the community have said on his behalf."

Foglia was carefully extricated from the vehicle then flown by medical helicopter from the scene to a Rochester hospital, about 70 miles to the north.

"I’m so happy that he’s on the mend. His conditions continue to get upgraded. We're all hopeful only the best things will happen for him," Allard said.

Allard said one of his own, Sgt. Shawn Shutt, was passing by and the first to the scene, giving his friend medical attention and calling for backup.

"Sgt. Shutt is a longtime friend of Trooper Foglia. They’ve worked side-by-side through both of their careers and obviously, it was a devastating moment."

Troopers said it’s not clear why the driver of the pickup truck, a New Jersey man, did not see Foglia’s cruiser. No tickets or charges were immediately issued.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing,