ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The new House of Mercy opened its doors Monday, almost two years after construction began, and Sister Grace Miller expected a full shelter for its first night.

This is the fourth move for the shelter, which started more than three decades ago. She says every move was made because they needed more space to take care of those in need. 

The new building cost about $4 million. Some of it was paid for through grants, but most of the funds came from private donations. There are more than 80 beds, a full commercial kitchen that offers three meals a day and snacks, and clothing and toiletries. 

I hope that the people who come through here feel loved and accpeted and come to love themselves and want to improve their lives and move on," Miller said. " I would like to see people move on to become what they want to be, who they aspire to be.  And we have to win their trust to do that first.

"And then there are people who might not be able to change. I want them to feel they are welcome here too."

Miller adds this isn't just a shelter for the homeless, but a community gathering place for anyone in need. They're always in need of financial donations and volunteers.