ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The Children's Agenda has reviewed the Rochester city budget that was passed on Tuesday. Now it's looking ahead toward next year's plans.

The agency reviews the city budget every year and then suggests changes and improvements for the following year.

Policy Analyst Bridget Hurley said they're looking at whether the City of Rochester is devoting enough resources to benefit kids and that those resources are being spent to change kids’ lives.

"In this year's budget, we definitely see some investment in children and in families that we see as very positive, both in terms of the next year ahead, as well as setting the city up for long-term improvement,” said Bridget Hurley, Children’s Agenda Policy Analyst.

Hurley said next year they'd like to encourage the city to invest in youth employment, safe and healthy places for kids to play and more r-centers.

She also suggests aligning further with the anti-poverty initiative, uniting city leaders to lift children out of poverty.