ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The New York State Education Commissioner has rejected a request by Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren to operate the city's most troubled schools. 

In her State of The City Address, Warren talked about seeking such a role through the state's Receivership Law. The law was created to grant new authority to a "receiver" looking to develop an intervention plan for a struggling school.

Warren asked Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia for that authority, under which she would directly oversee schools deemed "persistently struggling" by state guidelines.

Elia rejected the request, saying that there is no provision under state law to allow an independent "receiver" to operate a troubled school outside of its district.

"When you look at our children that have some issues, that they need as much support not only in our neighborhoods and our classrooms as possible, but in our community as a whole, and we need to help them and whatever options we have available at our disposal we need to use them," said Warren, D-Rochester, on Monday.

Warren plans to on Tuesday travel to Albany, where she says she'll address the issue with state lawmakers.