ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- More than 1,000 volunteers like Adele Fairbrother are working this week at homes and in yards around the Rochester area, helping people in need.

While friends are having fun on Spring Break, she's sweeping and mopping with Flower City Work Camp. It's a lot of work, all of it done in the name of their faith in God.

"They're taking time off of work, off of their spring break to help people in need. I think that's incredible and inspiring," said Jonathan Sigmon, director. "These students really feel like they have experienced God's love and they want to do something tangible to be able to show the people of the city that they love them as well."

"Giving back to the community is definitely a part of what brings me joy," said Adele. "I just like seeing how happy it makes other people, like even when you do something small, even the tiniest of actions can brighten people's day."

Fairbrother is among 700 students volunteering, along with 400 adults, representing some 50 local churches.