ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- With the snow falling so fast in the greater Rochester area, it was a frustration-filled day for many stuck in traffic, including for those who spent hours in it on 490.

"It's been crazy," said Robert Lewis of Rochester.

That was the sentiment from so many who got on the area's roadways and then went nowhere.

"My job let me leave so I could go home, I could be safe. Hopefully I can make it home," said Lewis.

Tractor trailers were stuck in inches of snow. Cars were off the road, while tow trucks tried to get in to help and emergency vehicles secued the scene.

"I have to keep calm, or there are going to be problems," said James Trickey of Greece, who was also trying to get home.

Chris Johnson is a welder, who was getting off his overnight shift in Victor. He was headed home to Byron when he ran into several traffic jams.

"They needed the plows to get through so I kept pulling people out of the way," said Johnson.

Johnson and his buddies helped pull several tractor trailers out of the snow on 490. When asked how he knew his truck would be able to pull them free, he said, "It's a Ford."