ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- ACT Rochester presented its fourth community report card Friday showing our nine-county region doing well or better than New York State in areas of education, children, the economy, health and housing.

The report card is a collection of data from more than 100 community indicators from Genesee to Seneca counties. The indicators measure economic, environmental, social or cultural conditions over time. Although our region is improving in some areas, we trail the state by 10 percent or more in the arts, financial self-sufficiency and public safety. 

For the past five years, ACT Rochester has been leading the effort to change the way communities use data to make decisions and solve problems.

"Our data is challenging, our community is, in my view, at a tipping point, and it's meetings like this and engagements of people and actions that we will take together that will make a real difference," said ACT Rochester Director Ann Johnson.

ACT Rochester's website has links to more than 300 community initiatives and resources to help solve problems highlighted in it's report card.