IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. -- Like most kids, eighth-grader Maddie Colbey has a busy schedule before and after school at Dake Junior High School in Irondequoit and a stop at the school's vending machine to refuel helps.

Students like Maddie have healthier snack options to choose from now because Dake has a new InstaHealthy vending machine in the school cafeteria.

"There's like smoothies and organic popcorn and stuff like that that doesn't have a lot of added sugar," Colbey said.

John Hutchings, a personal trainer and health food businessman, is behind the move to bring healthier drinks and snacks to more schools and businesses. His mission is to make Rochester the healthiest community in America.

"It's more or less putting the right choices in front of the kids," Hutchings said. "In the health club business, I have always advocated getting your gym bag ready the night before because it is one less excuse when you get up in the morning to go the gym. People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. We are helping with their plan by putting the right choices in front of them."

The vending machine snacks are all less than 200 calories and must have the USDA required low sodium, low sugar and low saturated fats. West Irondequoit's Food Service Director, Betsy LoGiudice, says her students demanded more choices.

"All the InstaHealthy items are totally different; every single item," LoGiudice said. "So, it gives the kids a lot more choices. I think it's been very popular since it came in. There are a lot of different items that I can't get through my distribution so it doubles their choices."

Hutchings has installed InstaHealthy vending machines at Wilson High School and School 17 in Rochester. He has four more vending machines available.

The two top sellers at Dake are Smart Food's white cheddar popcorn and Naked Juice smoothies.