BRIGHTON, N.Y. -- A local college campus has expanded its auto mechanics program to help students prepare for future careers.  

This new auto technology lab is now open at MCC's applied technology campus.

The college says the lab gives students the space to work on six vehicles at the same time.

MCC officials say the lab will allow a higher number of students to work toward their associates degree in a high demand career path.

"When we can invest in a program that not only is there a job but a career at the end of the path, nothing is better, but there's a lot of community colleges that wouldn't take that on because there is the added cost," said New York State Sen. Joe Robach (R-56). "But today really is a beautiful thing that's going to benefit the industry, our community, all these people that you're going to see get a job."

Organizers say the type of equipment in the new lab is similar to what's used in the workforce, which will better prepare students for their future.