VICTOR, N.Y. -- Jean Seide and Billanie Seint-Just, the parents accused of leaving their three kids unsupervised at Eastview Mall on March 25 while they worked there, pleaded not guilty Thursday morning to three charges apiece of endangering the welfare of a child.

"This family is not looking to make excuses. They're very proud of their children and are very effective as parents," said Van White, their attorney. "Just one day, they probably made a decision in hindsight they would chose differently, and they're choosing different today."

Their children, ages 8, 6 and one-month, were left unattended while both worked in the maintenance department as cleaners. They were stuck and unable to find someone to watch the children.

Sheriff's deputies said employees at the mall noticed the children were alone and reported what happened. The children were never harmed.

White says the mother is now full-time at home with her children, while the father is still working, and says CPS is also working with the family, getting them any help they might need.

The family received tremendous support from many who sympathized with their struggles over daycare.

White says the family is very private, but wanted him to stop and talk to the media to give send a message to the community.

"Thank you for understanding. Thank you for appreciating the fact how it is to walk in those shoes. Most people have walked in those shoes," White said. "It's very difficult and challenging to be a parent in today's economy, and they're dealing with one of challenges.

The couple is due back in court in May. Van White hopes the charges could be reduced or dismissed all together.