ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- A police chase that began Wednesday night on Rochester's northeast side ended with a gun fired by an officer near bustling Monroe Avenue, according to state police. No one was injured by the gunshot, but the suspect was bit on the leg by a police dog and taken to the hospital.

Troopers say Jerry Ferguson, 38 of Rochester, was speeding in the Joseph Avenue area without headlights on. State Police Major Rick Allen says Ferguson refused to stop when police tried to pull him over, leading to a car chase through the city until Ferguson stopped in a parking lot and fled on foot.

Troopers and a state police canine caught up to Ferguson near Woodlawn Street, off of Monroe Avenue. They say the canine bit Ferguson, and the officer discharged one round of gunfire without hitting anyone.

A statement from police indicates the round hit a building 15 feet above the pavement. Police say it's too early in the investigation to know why the officer fired his gun.

Jerry Ferguson was treated at the hospital for the dog bite and minor injuries. His wife, Janesta Ferguson, said Thursday that after Jerry was bitten by the dog, police hit him on the head with a billy club and then intentionally fired at him.

Janesta conceded that Jerry has a criminal record, was driving without a valid license, and should not have fled police in the first place, but says there was no reason to shoot if the dog already had him on the ground. Ferguson also takes issue with the fact that state police are not required to wear body cameras.

State police have not yet released the officer's name, but did say they are a 10-plus-year veteran.