ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott says these are the growing pains you go through when trying to build something new.

"You always have to keep big picture perspective and keep one eye on what we're doing, what's in front of us and once in a while keep an eye on the future in terms of the vision for this football team because, yeah, we take what happened yesterday seriously and you have to learn from it, but not get too far down on yourself and lose confidence in what you're doing. The five wins didn't happen by mistake," McDermott said.

However, there's been so many mistakes over the past two games that didn't occur over the first seven. Defensively, the Bills have been gashed on the ground —allowing 492 yards rushing; a product of poor gap integrity. Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is now going back from the ground up to rebuild his unit.

"Why is it happening? We have to go back to the fundamentals of what we do and teach it as if we're at the beginning of training camp," Frazier said. "Not take for granted that everybody understands the importance of being in their spot because obviously that's not the case. We've got to get back to the basics of run defense."

On the other side of the ball, the running game's been equally inept over this two-game span. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison was so upset after Sunday's game he called offensive line coach Juan Castillo afterwards to figure out how to fix things up front. Dennison's overall solution for the offensive issues is both simple, but concerning based on timing.

"We need to find what we do best and there will be no debate," Dennison said. "It's what we do best just watching film. It's not a preference thing, it's what we do best.

"We came out of the bye week feeling really good about what we did. We performed right after that and we seemed to stumble and that's our job as coaches to get it right and we'll iron that out."

As for a change at quarterback, McDermott reiterating what he said following Sunday's game: Tyrod Taylor is his starter. In regards to Nathan Peterman potentially taking over, the Bills head coach said, 'I know what Tyrod's done and I also know what Nate's done, so Tyrod's our starter."