GOSHEN, N.Y. -- Some big improvements are coming to the Port Jervis Metro North Line.

MTA officials say the $100 million project will drastically improve service and increase accessibility between Orange County and New York City. 

"We're looking at improving our peak, off-peak service, as well as improving our reverse-peak service," said Elisa Van der Linde, of Metro North. "So we are looking at a strategy that'll allow that to occur."

On Wednesday, MTA officials shared the findings of an extensive study at an open house.

They also shared details on a proposal for capital improvements they say will enable enhanced train service on the Port Jervis Line, which carries about 2,000 riders daily.

Metro North identified locations along the line to build passing sidings for trains, which will allow for more peak and off-peak trains.

There are also plans for a new train yard midway along the line.

Currently, the line's sole train yard sits in Port Jervis, 95 miles from the Hoboken Terminal in New Jersey. 

"Right now, the Port Jervis Line is like a one-way roadway," explained Van der Linde. "Basically, one train goes in one direction, turns at Port Jervis, goes around and turns at Hoboken."

The line currently runs 27 trains, but these improvements would allow 18 additional trains to run.

Officials say the project is still in its conceptual phase, and that shovels won't hit the ground until 2023.