Congressman John Faso has taken aim at Governor Andrew Cuomo in response to an open letter from Cuomo to Faso, and the rest of the Republican New York delegation, about standing with New Yorkers on the federal tax plan.

In his letter, Cuomo says Faso and his colleagues are working against the interest of their constituents. He says President Donald Trump's tax reform bill targets taxpayers in New York State at a higher cost than those in other states -- and later asks, if a provision protects 'most' of Faso's constituents but not all, is it OK to hurt a minority for the sake of the majority?

Faso responded with his own letter, saying it was "obvious" that Cuomo hadn't read his statement on why he opposed the legislation. He addressed the situation Thursday while speaking to our sister station in New York City.

"It's politics," Faso said. "This is the governor who doesn't speak to people who don't agree with him. This is a false charge. It's typical of him, unfortunately. He uses bullying tactics, and I won't be bullied by him, I can tell you that much."

Also in Faso's letter: a personal dig at Cuomo, saying the governor's father was "a man of principle and honor," but Andrew Cuomo is not.