One of the two residents who escaped Tuesday's fire at 719 Old Post Road said a houseguest who was killed in the fire had "stayed behind."

Esopus Fire Chief William Freer said three bedroom home was already "well involved" by the time his firefighters arrived just after 2:30 AM Tuesday.

"Unfortunately, we were unable to find the person inside the structure until a little bit later into it," Chief Freer said.

While Freer could not elaborate on the resident's claim that the houseguest stayed behind, Freer did have a strong reminder he wants everyone to hear.

"If there's a fire in your house, get out and stay out," he said. "Don't look for belongings. Don't look for anything. Fire can double in size every 30 seconds, so it's imperative that you get out of the house."

Chief Freer also said smoke alarms were working, and did wake up all three people inside.

As for what exactly happened that kept the houseguest inside is under investigation by the Ulster County Sheriff's Office.

The victim's name is not being released until family is fully notified.

One of the residents who escaped and one firefighter were both taken to hospitals several hours after the fire as a precaution, and do not have life-threatening injuries, Chief Freer said.