After 30 years behind the wheel of a New York yellow cab, a taxi driver took his own life.

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance says 59-year-old Abdul Saleh is the sixth taxi driver to kill himself in recent months.

Saleh was found dead in his rented room on Kings Highway in Brooklyn.

The Yemeni immigrant hung himself after apparently running out of money to lease his car, a financial hardship other taxi drivers say is all too common.

"There isn't even enough to make a living. How are you going to pay the mortgage?," said taxi driver Alix Morisseau. "That's why the people they kill themselves. They can't make it."

"The system pushed them into a desperate position," said taxi driver Frederick DeSouza. "Just make sure they get their living wage. If they want people to assimilate in American society, they should give enough money."

The Taxi Workers Alliance released a statement about Saleh, saying, "He was exhausted by the cruelty of ending each 12-hour workday with less in his pocket than the day before. Many aging drivers no longer see retirement in sight and can't imagine continuing to work such a grueling job until their last day on earth. We will not allow the status quo of callousness toward struggling drivers to continue for one more day. Suicide can't be the only way that desperate poor people find mercy."

The Taxi Workers Alliance says it plans to hold a press conference Monday outside City Hall to address the growing problem.