In Poughkeepsie, Father's Day is cause for a parade. The 15th annual John Flowers Father's Day Parade marched down Main street on Saturday.

The son and daughter of the late community activist John Flowers continued the tradition started by their father to celebrate fatherhood and family. Businesses and community organizations participated the event that culminated at Waryas park.

Organizers of the event say the goal is to bring people together to show community and  fatherhood in a positive light, and to thank fathers for being part of their families. 

"Poughkeepsie always gets pegged with being negative, and really not much going here. And I like to come out and do the positive things, says Poughkeepsie father Tamar Cherry, Sr. "It shows that there is more to Poughkeepsie than violence and gangs and BS in general.

The event ended in a gathering at Waryas park on the Hudson river with food and music.