NEWBURGH, N.Y. -- The winter weather made it hard for firefighters to put out an overnight fire in Newburgh.

It happened near the corner of Grand Street and Leroy Place around 2:30 Wednesday morning on the second and third floors of a home.

Officials say the two people who live at the house were already out by the time the first fire crews got there.

The chief says the slick roads made it hard for them to get to the fire.

“With weather like this, with the snow it just makes getting here to the scene for mutual aid. Takes a little longer, guys walking around in the snow a little slippery, a little slower walking around and maneuvering and stuff,” said Newburgh City Acting Fire Chief Terry Ahlers.

Officials are investigating the cause of the fire. The acting chief says the home at this point is unlivable because of the major damage to the roof.