Middletown's school superintendent is retiring after more than 13 years in the position.

Dr. Kenneth Eastwood took the position at a difficult time, when his predecessor was convicted of molesting a student. During his time as superintendent, Eastwood says the graduation rate has skyrocketed from about 50 percent to 89 percent. He touts a smaller acheivement gap between different demographic populations, like students of different income levels and races.

The city school district has become also nationally recognized for its use of technology in the classrooms. Now, he plans to move to the Rochester area to spend more time with family.

"My wife retired from Valley Central Schools a year ago to be with our grandkids, and I kind of miss all of that as well," Eastwood said. "So between missing my wife, and wanting to be with the grandkids, I decided this was the perfect time."

Eastwood's last day is January 31 -- in time to be there when three more grandchildren are born.