The Town of Bethel's former landfill is seven acres that cannot be developed. For the past few years, town leaders have considered what they can do with the site.

"What we consider this to be is unusable municipal land now. And so we're trying to make good use of the land by perhaps doing a solar array on this property," said Town Supervisor Daniel Sturm.

The town is a clean energy community, so some see a solar project as a win-win for the community. Sullivan County's Office of Sustainable Energy backs the idea of a town solar farm, saying that it could help the environment, and it could help taxpayers.

"As the price has continued to come down, people are recognizing more and more that this is a viable and competitive source of electricity," said Sullivan County Sustainability Coordinator Heather Brown. "It can not only reduce energy costs, but it can stabilize energy costs, so you know what your electricity costs are going to be five years from now."

The county can help with tech issues, and the Town of Bethel can apply for government money, with federal grant opportunities to repurpose landfills. The supervisor says within two weeks, the board can accept solar developers' proposals.